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Guinea Fowl Darwin Platter

Guinea Fowl Darwin Platter


Introducing our Guinea Fowl Darwin Platter, inspired by Charles Darwin's voyage in the HMS Beagle. Each platter in this collection features a quote from Darwin's journal, with the Guinea Fowl Platter referencing his sighting of the bird. The platter's center showcases a stunning illustration of the guinea fowl surrounded by red stripes, all handcrafted from terracotta and finished with a gloss glaze for a beautiful and durable finish. Perfect for serving appetizers or as a statement wall piece in your home, this stunning platter is a unique and historically-inspired addition to any ceramics collection.

  • Dimensions

    25cm x 18cm x 2cm

    If you love my work and how I create you know that I work intuitively with the clay and paint designs expressively and in the way that fits best with the shape and form of the piece . In this knowledge you’ll be pleased to know that sizes are always approximates so each piece is a unique character, please allow for a cm or so from description.

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