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Neolithic Crosses Mug - 2 sizes

Neolithic Crosses Mug - 2 sizes

Introducing the Neolithic Crosses Mug, available in two sizes, as part of our collection of historically inspired ceramics. Each mug is meticulously hand crafted using terracotta that has been thrown on the pottery wheel, then dipped in white slip before being adorned with hand painted crosses using oxides, recreating the ancient Groove Ware pottery style. The finishing touch is a semi matte satin glaze, creating a smooth and creamy feel that elevates the tactile experience. Whether you're sipping your morning coffee or enjoying a cozy evening tea, this mug combines ancient artistry with modern functionality for a truly unique drinking vessel. Immerse yourself in history with a touch of Neolithic charm with our Neolithic Crosses Mug.
  • Dimensions

    Regular - 300ml - height - 9.5cm latte size - 2 shots coffee

    Small - 175ml - height - 8.5cm flat white size - 1 shot coffee

    Please see final photo for sizes.

    If you love my work and how I create you know that I work intuitively with the clay and paint designs expressively and in the way that fits best with the shape and form of the piece . In this knowledge you’ll be pleased to know that sizes are always approximates so each piece is a unique character.

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