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Tulip Embroidery Mug - 2 sizes

Tulip Embroidery Mug - 2 sizes

Introducing our beautiful Tulip Embroidery Mug, available in two sizes, inspired by the intricate tulip embroidery from the 19th century. Each mug features a delicate design that contrasts the rustic body, reminiscent of traditional ceramics. Hand thrown on the wheel with terracotta, each mug is then dipped in creamy white slip and hand-painted with a cobalt design before being finished in a satin semi-matte glaze made in-house. This stunning piece is the perfect addition to any collection, bringing a touch of heritage and elegance to your morning cup of coffee or evening tea. Whether as a gift or a treat for yourself, our Tulip Embroidery Mug is a timeless and unique piece that will be cherished for years to come.
  • Dimensions

    Regular - 300ml - height - 9.5cm latte size - 2 shots coffee

    Small - 175ml - height - 8.5cm flat white size - 1 shot coffee

    Please see final photo for sizes.

    If you love my work and how I create you know that I work intuitively with the clay and paint designs expressively and in the way that fits best with the shape and form of the piece . In this knowledge you’ll be pleased to know that sizes are always approximates so each piece is a unique character.

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