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My pieces are made to be both beautiful and useful. However as they are pottery, whether that be earthenware or porcelain, if not handled with care they will inevitably break. 

If looked after properly your pottery should last life time -just look at all the archaeological evidence. Most of my pieces are dishwasher safe is packed into the dishwasher safely. The jewellery is wipeable with warm water to clean. 

If you love my work and how I create you know that I work intuitively with the clay and paint designs expressively and in the way that fits best with the shape and form of the piece .  In this knowledge you’ll be pleased to know that sizes are always approximates so each piece is a unique character, please allow for a cm or so from description. 


If you would like your store or cafe to stock my work then please do get in touch via to receive a catalogue of my work. Please be aware I am very picky about my store locations and very much chose my suppliers on whether they cherish artisan makers, pay their staff a living wage, are welcoming and kind and are most of all fabulous with excellent taste. 


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